Tips for Successful Campaigning

June 6, 2007

After the completion of the first workshop for this morning, Agnes Philippart from CONCORD summarized the participants’ input regarding the DOs and DONTs in campaigning. In brief, in order to carry out successful campaign, the participants were given the following practical advices:

1. Do not start a campaign without having ensured the necessary resources to cover the expenses of your core actions.

2. Have a clear strategy based on what you want to achieve.

3. Don’t start by planning 100 things to do. Don’t try to do everything by yourself.

4. Convene organizing committee.  Start by your own staff, then expand to your membership or constituency, then to your networks and allies.  Once done, reach the press and the citizens. 

5.  Create sub working groups with clear responsabilites. Make sure they report regularly to the central committee to ensure coherence.

6. Rely on good planning

7. For successful campaigning you need clear message, brand and logo – catchy and attractive.  Be creative.

8.  Use “bigshots” and public figures in order to access both media and general public.

9. Don’t relax after the very first success. Keep people mobilised for the next one.

10. Rely on the feedback – firstly among your staff, then the constituency, the network, later expand it to other sectors and media.

The list of practical advices is a subject of further additions.


Effective Campaigning

June 6, 2007

With two presentations started the second day of Euforic meeting – of the campaigns “G8: Make Aid Work” and the Global Campaign Against Poverty (GCAP). The participants were presented details concerning campaigns, their scope and the tools used in the course of their carrying out. The two presenters provided the audience with information about the campaigns’ target groups, the methods used, successes and problems occured during the implementation. The presentations were followed by small groups’ discussions about participants’ success stories and problematic campaigns in their countries. 

“1000 Families” or Building Unity Through Diversity

June 5, 2007

The second day of the Euforic/CONCORD event at Chant d’Oiseau ended with the opening of the photoexhibit by the German photographer Uwe Ommer, showing families from all over the world. It took four years and millions of miles to the artist who, in the end of the 90s of the previous century has crossed the 5 continents in order to show that in fact the differencies probably more than the similarities lead to unity. The wonderful result of this unusually successful effort were just the completing part of a project, initiated and carried out by netweork of European NGOs in Ireland, Italy, Malta, Finland and Belgium. “We first showed the exhibition in 2003 and since then it successfully crosses Europe”, stated at the opening Francois Milis, General Secretary of “Echos Communication ASBL”. Very small part of the pictures of different families, taken by Uwe Ommer are shown at Chant d’Oiseau, but they were appreciated by the participants in the Euforic/CONCORD events, taking place there these days. 

Wonderful knowledge collected over a training at Chant d’Oiseau

June 5, 2007

Nice lecture and practical presentations were made for the participants in the Euforic event held Today at Chant d’Óiseau in Brussels. The group, consisting of representatives of 10 national NGDO platforms, as well as participants from different scientific and research centres, was chaired by Chris Addison and Pier Andrea Pirani from Euforic. Thanks to their efforts, training skills and good preliminary preparations the participants were given the opportunity to learn how to make their own blogs and web pages and also how to use the advantages of the new technologies for easing their work. The seminar ended with producing own blogs and web pages. Here is one of them! Enjoy!